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Debutanizer Fractionator

The debutanizer fractionator, typically referred to just as a "debutanizer", is a fractional distillation column used to separate butane during the refining process. The data set is currently represented as four P&IDs spanning the debutanizer tower, feed-bottoms, condenser and receiver.


Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID 2009 ( SP 5) and XMpLant were used for the P&ID XML exports.

Data set last update 2012-09-09

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AVEVA have drafted the P&IDs in AVEVA P&ID and have provided the following XML outputs based on ISO 15926 Proteus specification.

Data set last update 2012-09-18

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Bentley have drafted one of the P&IDs and have provided an ISO 15926 OWL export and supplementary Bentley ecXML export. Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID V8i Select Series 5 (Build Version was used for both exports.

Data set last update 2013-10-25

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University of South Australia (UniSA)

UniSA have provided the following MIMOSA CCOM 3.2.3 XML transformations of the above P&ID product exports.

Data set last update 2013-05-29

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Noumenon Consulting

Noumenon have provided a reference XMpLant conversion of the WorleyParson's drafted Intergraph P&IDs. XMpLant was used for the P&ID XML exports.

Data set last update 2012-09-14

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Reference Data

The OGI Pilot uses the PCA Reference Data Library (RDL) for the majority of class descriptions. Where the PCA RDL is insufficient, reference data from the MIMOSA OSA-EAI have been used, and where both have been insufficient, classes for the OGI Pilot have been developed.

Data set last update 2013-11-27

The reference data set is also available on the Joint MIMOSA/PCA O&M SIG sandbox. For convenience, below are some common SPARQL queries that can be run against the O&M SIG Sandbox.


Assetricity have provided a MIMOSA CCOM 3.2.3 XML version of the reference data set.

Data set last update 2013-11-27