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ISO 15926-CCOM Transform Rules

As ISO 15926 has various degrees of conformance, there exist multiple ISO 15926 data exchange formats that are reference data conformant, but cannot be import into other applications as different syntaxes and structures are employed. MIMOSA CCOM is used as a federation model for the various ISO 15926 data exchange formats, and is one of the key data exchange standards used within the Execution Environment. The following sections list the transformation rules that a transformation service can use to convert data from the respective ISO 15926 format to MIMOSA CCOM.


The EqHub/SHAREcat format represents a product data sheet in an XML format. It contains additional information about the model, manufacturer and data sheet name, in addition to the data sheet attributes. Only the data sheet attributes have references to an ISO 15926 class.

EqHub/SHAREcat XPath Data Description CCOM Mapping
//TekNoKeyData/TekNoID Internal identifier for data sheet AttributeSet/IDInInfoSource
//TekNoKeyData/TekNo Data sheet name AttributeSet/Tag
//TekNoKeyData/PartNo Part number Model/PartNumber
//TekNoKeyData/ManufName Manufacturer name Manufacturer/Tag
//TekNoKeyData/ClassID Internal identifier for equipment class Model/Type/IDInInfoSource
//TekNoKeyData/Class Equipment class name Model/Type/Tag
//TekNoAttribs/TeknoAttrib/@sn Short name AttributeType/IDInInfoSource
//TekNoAttribs/TeknoAttrib/@ln Long name AttributeType/Tag
//TekNoAttribs/TeknoAttrib/@ISO15926 ISO 15926 identifier Match an existing ISO 15926 CCOM AttributeType
//TekNoAttribs/TeknoAttrib/@v1 Value Attribute/ValueContent
//TekNoAttribs/TeknoAttrib/@v2 Second value Attribute/ValueContent
//TekNoAttribs/TeknoAttrib/@uom Unit of measure UnitType/Tag