An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance


The goals of the Joint MIMOSA/PCA Operations & Maintenance Special Interest Group are to develop and publish input to MIMOSA and PCA content which properly incorporates the Operations and Maintenance oriented concepts and methods established by the OpenO&M initiative and certain ISO standards (including ISO 15926 and ISO 18435) in the joint MIMOSA/PCA solution set.

The SIG plans to work towards:

  • Linking up ISO 15926 reference data and the OpenO&M Execution Environment
  • Maintaining compliance with the data model in ISO 15926 Part 2
  • Ensuring bidirectional consistency of engineering and O&M data throughout the facility lifecycle


Prof. Markus Stumptner, University of South Australia


The SIG was established in May 2011 and was driven by a use case of a greenfield capital project information handover for a debutanizer fractionator. The results were demonstrated at Digital Plant Expo in December 2011 and interest in the activity consequently led to the creation of the OIIE and OGI Pilot.