An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance


The joint MIMOSA and OPC Foundation CCOM OPC UA Working Group will develop an OPC UA Information Model for CCOM. The information model specified by CCOM will be defined in a UA companion specification using OPC UA constructs for the purpose of exposing CCOM information to OPC UA applications, with an initial focus on existing Use Cases relating to information exchange to and from the control system.  This will combine existing strengths of each organization for some near-term wins, where OPC UA is used to bring information from the factory floor and where MIMOSA plays its traditional role in Asset Management.

 The working group will deliver:

  • An OPC UA Information Model for CCOM (Standard OPC UA companion specification, Nodeset file and prototype implementation)
  • A write up for the OPC Wiki describing the Companion specification
  • A trade show demonstration and information material

If you would like to contribute to this industry specification, please contact MIMOSA.