An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

Interoperability Demonstration, Special Presentation and Industry Roundtable at Digital Plant 2011

MIMOSA, CIEAM, FIATECH and POSC Caesar Association are co-sponsoring and hosting a multi-supplier interoperability demonstration at the Digital Plant 2011 Expo and Conference scheduled for Dec 5-7 at the Houston Marriott Westchase in Houston, Texas. The demonstration will focus on OpenO&M Use Cases 1 and 10, which define the O&M oriented requirements for Digital Handover and Provisioning of an interoperable owner/operator O&M system of systems environment based on information supplied by the EPC community. Since this information could originate from multiple EPCs using multiple design engineering tools as well as their own procurement and construction management systems, open standards-based interoperability is a critical part of making solutions of this nature practical and sustainable.

The demonstration will use a downstream oriented test data set (a debutanizer tower) being developed by the Joint MIMOSA/PCA O&M SIG. This demonstration will be the initial public use of the test data set, but the objective is to continue to incrementally expand it in both scope and detail on an owner/operator priority driven basis until O&M oriented handover of an entire virtual refinery is deemed to be validated by the demo. This data set will thus become a critical component in the required conformance testing process. The core value proposition of this effort is to provide a business value-oriented focal point (owner/operator O&M requirements) for prioritized development in the key standards and supplier provided solutions addressing properly documented (via Use Cases) business requirements. An upstream oriented asset will begin to be modeled in a similar fashion next year in order to address interoperability demonstration and conformance requirements.

In addition to the demonstration itself, two other closely related activities will take place at the Digital Plant 2011 Expo and Conference. Cliff Pedersen (CIO of NWR Partnership) will speak in a special conference wide session discussing why this industry standards based initiative is critical to owner/operators who wish to base their near-term projects on the standards and compliant solutions. Then, an associated Roundtable entitled 'Implementing Industry Standards Based Interoperability' will include a discussion about lessons learned thus far in this process and discuss issues requiring prioritized attention in order to meet owner/operator identified and prioritize requirements.

Key suppliers participating in the demo include IBM (which is acting as the systems integrator and IT host) along with AVEVA and Bentley, who will each provide P&ID outputs from their systems. AVEVA will provide an XMpLant output, while Bentley will provide an ISO 15926 Part 8 compliant output along with additional data that is required to support the handover of owner/operator identified and prioritized information. This information will then be transformed into a MIMOSA CCOM data structure in order to properly provision the O&M systems. The final steps will show the provisioning of the IBM IIC environment and a plant data historian.