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Industrial Capital Project Plant Information Handover Best Practices Guide

Accurate plant information handover from capital projects is vital to enterprise profitability. Plant information should be treated as a valuable asset as important as the physical plant itself. Following handover, plant information should be kept accurate and accessible for the lifetime of the facility, which typically spans 30-50 years. Inaccurate or missing plant information causes lost revenue due to missed project deadlines, unnecessary material purchases, design rework, start-up delays, production cutbacks, and unplanned shutdowns. This guide focuses on the best practices for periodic information handovers of engineering information from capital project systems for use in plant operations and maintenance systems utilizing the information standards provided by OpenO&M standards and ISO 15926. This handover activity is vital to bringing a new plant on line within time and budget as it drives the compilation and validation of the records necessary to pass into and support the operational life of the plant, together with their transfer of ownership from the project team and acceptance by the plant owner.

Ken Bever
Friday, 1 June 2012