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Condition Based Maintenance - What is the condition of Condition Based Maintenance?

I recently had a conversation with the president of a major Predictive Maintenance software company. The topic was the lack of attendance at a recent PM/CM tradeshow. While expressing his frustration, he jokingly suggested that everybody must have had the flu and instead of passing out coffee mugs, they should have given away chicken soup!

The natural question that results is whether the problem was really with the tradeshow or is something generally wrong with the Condition Monitoring (CM) industry? Sure, timing, travel costs, location and weather explain a lot. However, I believe the real prognosis may not be so clear. For the sake of brevity, I'll assume we all know the differences between Preventative (scheduled) and Predictive (condition based) Maintenance. I will also generalize Condition Monitoring as the use of multiple predictive maintenance technologies, both periodic and online.

Chris Staller
Wednesday, 19 May 1999