An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OpenO&M for Manufacturing

The OpenO&M Initiative is an effort by multiple industry standards organizations to provide a harmonized set of information standards for the exchange of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) data and associated context. The OpenO&M Initiative is an open, collaborative, effort composed of diverse groups of subject matter experts organized in industry specific Joint Working Groups (JWG) that are focused on enabling O&M applications interoperability for manufacturing plants, fleets and facilities.

OpenO&M is a virtual organization, maintained by MIMOSA, which serves as an umbrella for collaboration. There are no dues, with individual participants volunteering from participating standards groups and other groups are encouraged to join. Members of the group strive to incorporate the OpenO&M work into the standards they represent. Key current members of the OpenO&M Manufacturing JWG include:

MIMOSA - Asset management related information standards
OPC Foundation - Data transport standards
SP95 - ISA's Enterprise-Control System Integration Standards Committee
WBF - B2MML (Business To Manufacturing Markup Language)

Saturday, 1 July 2006