An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OIIE Use Case 2 - Engineering Updates

This Use Case describes the process for updating O&M systems after updates have been made by Engineering to the as-design or as-built model, typically governed by a management of change (MoC) process.


Once a site is operational, plant or facility engineering and design organizations may continue to make changes to the as-designed information models on a recurring basis. These changes can be driven by the need to operate more efficiently or with greater safety in support of the originally intended process supporting the same product mix or they can be associated with the need to change the process to yield new products, not envisioned in the original design. Once the new design information is developed it may be managed in several different ways depending on the driver for the change and the associated priority it will be assigned. Depending on the nature and scale of the changes involved, the actual work may be performed by the maintenance staff, a maintenance contractor or a construction contractor. In all cases, some type of appropriate feedback loop must be provided to ensure that the status is known and shared by Engineering Reference Databases and O&M systems.


  • Scenario 1 - Publish As-Designed/As-Built Engineering Network/Segment/Tag data from ENG to REG-LOCATION
  • Scenario 4 - Publish As-Built Engineering Asset data from ENG, CONSTRUCT to REG-ASSET