An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OIIE Use Case 3 - Field Changes to Plant/Facility Engineering


In a perfect world, fully leveraging best practices, all engineering changes would flow through the enterprise design engineering and approval systems on a waterfall basis, even if the actual design work is done locally or through an independent contractor. All such engineering changes would be fully reconciled and rationalized before the work was actually done and the integrity of the Engineering Reference Databases would be ensured as a specialization of Use Case 2. Unfortunately, there are many situations where this does not occur (and may be impractical). This frequently results when a centralized plant or facilities engineering organization is overwhelmed by emergent situations and the plant or facilities manager must take responsibility for the situation without the ideal level of centralized support. Lack of proper synchronization of this work can result in anomalies with respect to the system of record for the engineering information, since in this case, the most up-to-date as-designed information is flowing from the field to the enterprise, rather than the other way around.


  • Scenario 3 - Publish As-Maintained Engineering Network/Segment/Tag data from O&M to O&M
  • Scenario 6 - Publish As-Maintained Engineering Asset data from O&M to O&M