An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OIIE Use Case 4 - Online Product Data Library Management

This Use Case describes the process for informing and updating O&M systems of product data. Product data is initially sourced from an OEM product data management system; may then be supplemented by observations by operations and maintenance; and updated by the OEM who may issue engineering change advisories.


All of the OIIE Use Cases anticipate the online availability of appropriate product data libraries containing the detailed engineering reference information for makes and models of important classes of physical assets. Critical elements of Enterprise Risk Management, including both Operational Risk Management (ORM) and EH&S, depend on the Enterprise Asset Management, Reliability Management, Condition-Based Maintenance and ORM systems leveraging the most current product data. Manufacturers are often reluctant to publish some quality and reliability data about their products, which is extremely important, and this information needs to be gathered from trusted third parties and/or internal operating experience. As this new experience-based information becomes available, it also needs to be properly persisted and synchronized.

For all key originally installed and replaced equipment, ORM and EAM systems need online access to motor/pump/gear/bearing/valve/sensor OEM cut-sheet specification data in order for ORM systems to perform equipment diagnostics, validate current configurations meet the required process requirements, and for EAM systems to display to maintenance personnel. ORM and EAM systems need to know if this data is subsequently updated/modified to adjust algorithms with guaranteed delivery. ORM and EAM systems also need to ability to transfer newly-discovered product data into the PDM master database.

Relationship to Other Use Cases

The business processes in all use cases require varying degrees of product data, and thus Use Case 4 becomes a dependency. While no use case is a strict dependency for Use Case 4, the scoping activities and business processes of other use cases will influence the data requirements of Use Case 4.


  • Scenario 7 - Pull OEM Model data from OEM PDM to REG-MODEL
  • Scenario 8 - Pull OEM Model data from REG-MODEL to O&M
  • Scenario 9 - Publish OEM Model data from O&M to O&M
  • Scenario 25 - Publish Product/Part Engineering Change Advisories data from OEM PDM to REG-MODEL