An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OIIE Use Case 10 - Information Provisioning of O&M Systems

This Use Case describes the process for automated information provisioning of O&M systems and the prior data enrichment that must occur. As there are numerous types of O&M systems, there are potentially a large number of data types required for provisioning. This use case is focused on the bootstrapping of structural, registry data that is required by the majority of O&M systems. This information falls into two basic categories. The first category is engineering information about the plant breakdown structure and system design models (Logical P&ID and PFD), which provide the identifiers and logical engineering structure to which all other information, systems and services must be related. The second category is the portion of As-Built information detailing serialized assets that have been installed in specific structural locations.


The data required for O&M systems goes beyond the data set the EPC provides. For example, maintenance hierarchies are defined externally (e.g. by the O/O or a maintenance contractor) and not by an EPC, although the hierarchy may reference EPC data elements. The EPC turnover data in the O&M Register is therefore enriched to provide sufficient information for each O&M system.

Relationship to Other Use Cases

This Use Case is predicated on Use Case 1 occurring prior so that the Structural and Asset Registries are populated with information. Update of this information can occur during Use Case 2, which also then forms a partial trigger condition for Use Case 10.