An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OIIE Scenario 13 - Publish Usage Readings from CONTROL to MMS, ORM

A CONTROL system informs the MMS and ORM system of usage readings (e.g. run hours). This may trigger maintenance actions to occur.


Control System Harvests measurements, alarms, and events from CONTROL systems and condition monitoring systems, determines the health state of the equipment or system, diagnoses/prognoses incipient/potential faults, and pushes recommended maintenance work request packages to Maintenance Management Systems, optionally specifying a solution package pre-defined in the MMS.
Maintenance Management System Receive usage readings that potentially trigger a Work Request and/or a Work Order.
Operational Risk Management System Receive usage readings.


The information flows will occur after a configured periodicity within the control system according to a preventive maintenance plan.

Data Content

The data sent from the CONTROL system to the MMS and ORM consists of:

  • The measurement location that indicates the type of usage reading
  • The measurement reading including a time and the value of the reading

Data Formats

The data published by the CONTROL system and received by the MMS and ORM must conform to MIMOSA CCOM BODs.

MIMOSA CCOM Reference Types

For the purposes of reference data management, the following MIMOSA CCOM types may be referenced:

  • AttributeType
  • MeasurementLocationType
  • UnitType

MIMOSA CCOM Business Object Documents

The following MIMOSA CCOM BODs should be supported:

  • SyncMeasurementReading

Infrastructural Components


The communication between all systems occurs via the ISBM using request-response services.

Implementation Requirements

The CONTROL system must implement a client for the ISBM Provider Request and Channel Management Services. The CONTROL system may implement the ISBM Notify Listener Service for request notification.

The MMS and ORM must implement a client for the ISBM Consumer Request and Channel Management Services. The MMS and ORM may implement the ISBM Notify Listener Service for response notification.

Suggested Channel/Topic Configuration

A channel should be created for install requests and should conform to the following format:

/Enterprise/Enterprise Subdivision/.../ISO18435:D2.1

For example:

/Enterprise/Refinery A/Area A/Light Ends Area/ISO18435:D2.1

As outlined in the document ISBM Guidelines, topics should match the message content. Correspondingly, the following topic format should be used:


For example: