An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OIIE Scenario 11 - Publish Asset Removal/Installation events from MMS to O&M

In order to notify other O&M systems that a serialized asset has been installed or removed, the maintenance management system publishes an asset install or removal event to all relevant O&M systems.


Maintenance Management System Send notifications of changes in asset configuration
O&M Systems Receive notifications of changes in asset configuration

Data Content

The data sent from the Maintenance Management System to O&M Systems is, at a minimum, composed of:

  • The functional location
  • The serialized asset
  • The timestamp of when the installation or removal occurred

In addition, the following data can be sent for context:

  • The agent who performed the installation or removal
  • The calendared maintenance work order associated with the installation or removal

Data Formats

The data published by the Maintenance Management System and received by O&M Systems must conform to MIMOSA CCOM BODs.

MIMOSA CCOM Reference Types

For the purposes of reference data management, the following MIMOSA CCOM types may be referenced:

  • EventType
    • ecc99353-412b-4995-bd71-1cbc6fc16c7c: Installation of Asset on Segment
    • 3a45e126-b234-42a0-b3b1-07c29522d02d: Removal of Asset on Segment

MIMOSA CCOM Business Object Documents

The following MIMOSA CCOM BODs should be supported:

  • SyncAssetSegmentEvents

Infrastructural Components


The communication between all systems occurs via the ISBM using publish-subscribe services.

Implementation Requirements

The Maintenance Management System must implement a client for the ISBM Provider Publication and Channel Management (only the GetChannel operation) Services.

O&M Systems must implement a client for the ISBM Consumer Publication and Channel Management (only the GetChannel operation) Services. O&M Systems may implement the ISBM Notify Listener Service for message notification.

Suggested Channel/Topic Configuration

A channel should be created for removal/installation events and should conform to the following format:

/Enterprise/Enterprise Subdivision/.../ISO18435:D1.3

For example:

/Enterprise/Refinery A/Area A/Light Ends Area/ISO18435:D1.3

As outlined in the document ISBM Guidelines, topics should match the message content. Correspondingly, the following topic format should be used:


For example: