An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

Public Release of OSA-EAI V3.2.3 Specification

MIMOSA is pleased to announce the public release of V3.2.3 of the MIMOSA Open System Architecture for Enterprise Application Integration (OSA-EAI) specification. MIMOSA thanks all of our member bodies who have contributed to this final version over the past 18 months and have had helped to shape the final version. All MIMOSA specifications are provided under the MIMOSA Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

The OSA-EAI V3.2.3 release adds a complete UML model and XML schema implementation (CCOM-ML) for the Common Conceptual Object Model (CCOM) in addition to continued support and updates for CRIS (Common Relational Information Schema). The MIMOSA Technical Committee is now working to provide CCOM-ML OAGIS 9.5.1-compliant Business Object Documents (BODs) to support the Phase 1 pilot. MIMOSA members will have access to working drafts of these BODs and are encouraged to provide expertise to the MIMOSA Technical Committee as these specifications are finalized. Find out more on how your organization can become a MIMOSA member today.