An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance

OSA-EAI 3.2.3a

CCOM Schema Changes

  • Measurement shouldn't be abstract


CCOM Reference Data Changes

  • Rearrange reference data to satisfy dependencies for sequential parsers
  • Fix wrong RegistrationInfoSource for EnumerationItems
  • Remove "Undetermined" AttributeType ValueClass
  • Correct "Volume" AttributeType ReferenceUnitType
  • Correct "Window Length" AttributeType ValueClass
  • Add Logarithmic Ratio ReferenceUnitType with Decibel UnitType
  • Add "Dynamic Range" AttributeType ReferenceUnitType
  • Correct CriticalityScaleType Minimum and Maximum


CCOM Example Changes

  • Use the same UUID for the same logical object across example files


CRIS SQL Script Changes

  • Remove XML declaration in SQL scripts
  • Fix version strings in SQL Server and Oracle SQL scripts
Specificaton File: 
Release Date: 
Monday, 12 May 2014