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Multisite CALM: A New Frontier for Asset Management

Multisite CALM is an emerging asset management strategy that can extend the benefits of Collaborative Asset Lifecycle Management (CALM) for organizations faced with the challenges of managing similar asset bases across multiple, possibly geographically separated sites. CALM, or Collaborative Asset Lifecycle Management, has been described in previous ARC reports as a cradle-to-grave strategy for effectively managing capital assets. CALM considers all classes of assets, all stages in an asset's lifecycle, and all stakeholders involved in the asset management process. CALM benefits are well recognized and reflect the significant process improvements that can be achieved when appropriate information technology is applied to individual asset management activities. Multisite CALM addresses a somewhat different aspect of asset management. It uses collaboration across sites, or "multisite collaboration" to exploit the knowledge and practices developed at individual sites for the betterment of the entire organization. Benefits of Multisite CALM are different and add to those already being derived from individual CALM programs. Based upon ARC's recent survey on this subject, Multisite CALM is already gaining popularity in many organizations. Over 80% of the respondents indicated that their organizations recognize the significant benefits of Multisite CALM and over 40% already have such programs underway. The growing interest in Multisite CALM is also reflected in the fact that almost 60% of surveyed organizations plan to increase spending in this area over the coming year. Multisite CALM technology selection and project management present new challenges for asset management professionals. Solutions must be evaluated by how well they enable best practices across the entire organization, not how they improve a specific plant or functional activity. Organizationwide analysis and planning becomes essential for reconciling shared needs with individual plant constraints and team dynamics play a central role in project success. This strategy report presents a model for Multisite CALM and recommendations as to how an organization can implement this strategy. In the process we identify the key issues that must be addressed by Multisite CALM solutions, describe how some organizations are already addressing these issues and discuss the benefits they have received. We also provide benchmarking information regarding the current state of organizations with respect to Multisite CALM so that the reader can assess their own organization's position.

Houghton LeRoy, Sid Snitkin
Monday, 1 March 2004