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Profit Centered Maintenance - A Management Opportunity

Leading, visionary companies facing the ever-present need to increase profits are discovering major opportunities for improved profitability within maintenance. Reductions in maintenance costs of up to 50% are achievable.

Companies as diverse as General Motors, 3M, Allied Fibers, Owens Corning, Hoechst Celanese, M&M Mars, Procter & Gamble, and Commonwealth Edison have reported significant gains from advanced maintenance practices. Of greater importance, these and many other leading companies are achieving a state of equipment reliability and availability where mechanical problems are rare and do not interrupt production.

Much more can be accomplished by building from this beginning. Increased profitability from optimized maintenance processes and practices is the reward. The broad process to gain this objective has been given a name-Profit Centered Maintenance.


John S. Mitchell, Thomas H. Bond
Monday, 27 February 1995