An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance


MIMOSA's Open Systems Architecture for Enterprise Application Integration (OSA-EAI) specification and the ISA-95 standard are powerful tools for achieving improvements in operations and maintenance of manufacturing facilities. While each set of work was developed independently, MIMOSA and the ISA's SP95 committee are now working as part of the OpenO&M initiative to harmonize them and share work going forward.

The first step in harmonization was the OpenO&M whitepaper on Condition Based Operation which showed the value that could be realized by using OSA-EAI and ISA-95 together to include real-time maintenance capability forecasts as part of production planning and scheduling activities. This whitepaper continues that work by explaining how the data models in OSA-EAI and ISA-95 can be used together. There can be some confusion in this area as each data model uses different terminology and relationships due to their independent histories.

This whitepaper addresses technical audiences who need to map data between OSA-EAI and ISA-95/B2MML systems. The mapping is discussed at both a high level using the UML models in OSA-EAI and ISA-95 as well as at an implementation level using OSA-EAI XML Schemas and the WBF's B2MML (Business To Manufacturing Markup Language) XML Schema implementation of ISA-95. This whitepaper only addresses the use of ISA-95 Parts 1 and 2 which are focused on production management interfaces between enterprise and control systems. On-going work by the SP95 committee will broaden the standard's coverage to maintenance, inventory and quality data interfaces; those will be addressed in later whitepapers.


Sunday, 1 October 2006