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Vibromonitoring of Pumps in Russian Refineries

Russian refineries are used groups of ten thousand pumping units, basically centrifugal pumps, both Russian and foreign production. It's power ranges from tens kilowatts to tens megawatts. Technological settings of primary oil processing, catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming and others contains a different number of units, which ranges from groups of ten to hundred units depending on powers of settings.

Specialists never raised doubts the necessity an anti-accident protection a powerful compressor and other unique machines, but not a pumps, which high concentration in modern technological settings however often was reason of damages and other production troubles. Really, if we take probability of pump trouble-free operation in day equal 0.99, then for the group of machines, containing 100 units, refusal probability close to 1, and the technological system herewith practically disabled.


Vladimir N. Kostjukov, Boychenko S.N., Kostjukov A.V.
Thursday, 1 April 1999