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OstiaEdge Central Edition Monitoring Software Using OpenO&M Interoperability Standard

Engineering Software Reliability Group (ESRG), provider of leading-edge data analysis and remote monitoring technology for the US Navy and commercial industry, today announced that OstiaEdgeTM Central Edition (CE) is compatible with MIMOSA OpenO&M standards. OstiaEdgeTM CE provides onsite and remote engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel the ability to qualify data based on machine state and process condition based rules to assess and report equipment health. OstiaEdgeTM CE includes fleet level monitoring views that provide single-screen comparisons of machine-to-fleet health.

The inclusion of MIMOSA OpenO&M standards and the MIMOSA CRIS 3.2 database within the OstiaEdgeTM CE product enables simple integration with Distributed Control Systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Reliability Software, and other enterprise software applications. This facilitates interoperability among plant systems and streamlines integration thus reducing installation cost.

Shrinking workforces and the rising cost of employees have forced many companies to reduce onsite personnel and utilize corporate locations to perform analysis historically done at the plant level. This forces the onsite staff to focus on alarming and immediate actions which can consume nearly 100% of available time. Because of this, centralized engineering analysis is more important now than ever to ensure plant reliability and availability does not suffer. Interoperability between corporate CMMS systems, and condition monitoring software is essential for providing 'Reverse Distance Support' capability. This enables remote personnel to support plant personnel with condition based operations and data driven maintenance decisions.

"ESRG has been incorporating MIMOSA OpenO&M standards into their government remote monitoring products in support of the US Navy since 2005, so it is with great pleasure to our organization to see that they have incorporated these standards into the OstiaEdge product line as well. As active members of the MIMOSA Technical Board, ESRG has a strong commitment to OpenO&M standards and utilizes these standards as foundations for all future products" said Alan Johnson, MIMOSA President.


MIMOSA is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to developing and encouraging the adoption of open information standards in manufacturing, fleet, and facility environments - information standards which enable collaborative asset lifecycle management. MIMOSA members come from process and discrete manufacturing companies, facility management companies, military organizations, capital equipment OEMs, and suppliers of asset management software systems.

About ESRG

Established in 2000, ESRG provides leading-edge data analysis and remote monitoring technology for the US Navy and commercial industry. ESRG is the data analytics leader for the US Navy surface fleet remote monitoring program providing a fleet-wide service of performance reports on gas turbines, diesel engines, and balance of plant equipment. Commercial users and US Navy fleet support teams turn to ESRG for their technology and expertise in reporting, dashboards, data integration and data analysis as well as their ability to utilize in-house subject matter experts to write diagnostic and anomaly detection rules.

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