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OpenO&M ws-CIR

Web Service Common Interoperability Registry

The OpenO&M Web Service Common Interoperability Registry (ws-CIR) is an open standard that provides a vendor-neutral specification for a Web Service interface for interactions with an object identification registry. This supports the harmonization and standardized lookup of locally-unique identifiers for an identical object (including data dictionary classifications and attributes) used in multiple information systems. Each system typically maintains its own set of identifiers for its objects. For example, System A may use a set of auto-incrementing integers; System B may use strings; System C may use UUIDs. As the objects in each of these systems may be the same business object (albeit instantiated in three different systems), in order to link the three objects, the ws-CIR is used to define an overarching identifier.

The specification details a XML data structures and a set of SOAP Web Services that OpenO&M systems should support so that systems throughout an enterprise can harmonize and cross-reference their internal system objects. The server supports the harmonization of distinct, semantically-meaningful identifiers for the same tangible objects across multiple systems by generating a non-semantically meaningful 128-bit OpenO&M Common Interoperability Registry ID (CIRID). The CIRID is generated in compliance with the time-based generation mechanism of the Universal Unique IDentifier (UUID) definition found in ISO/IEC 9834-8:2008.

Each compliant system should utilize the ws-CIR when creating new objects in their local system, associating their locally-unique identifier with the CIRID. Once all systems have registered their objects with the ws-CIR and an equivalency matching process has been conducted, the ws-CIR can be used to translate between identifiers.


The OpenO&M ws-CIR specification is currently in draft and is being taken to international standardization to IEC via ISA-95. This involves the extraction of an abstract model (ISA-95 Part 7) and extraction of an implementation model using SOAP Web Services, using the same development process as the OpenO&M ws-ISBM.


The ws-CIR specification is available on the OpenO&M website. All releases of the ws-CIR can also be downloaded directly from the MIMOSA ws-CIR repository. All feedback is welcome.